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We hope to answer the big questions you may have on this page - to do with the cost of this service (which is nothing by the way), privacy and many other things. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us and we will do our best to answer.
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What's The Actual Quote Process?
Getting your free quotes couldn't be easier. All you have to do is complete your chosen form describing the details of the work you would like carried out. We then supply your details to local vetted contractors near you and allow up to four the opportunity to quote. You then browse through their ratings and decide if you would like to carry out the work.
How Much Does Your Service Cost?
Nothing. In fact one of the main reasons why our home improvement quotation service is so popular across so many states is because it's absolutely free from start to finish. It's free to browse our web site at your leisure, it's free to apply for a quote using your chosen quote-form and it's free to receive the quotations for your work. You only have to pay the contractor to do the work.
What Are Your Operating Times?
You can apply for a quote at your leisure... any time of day. Unless down for necessary maintenance, the web site runs 24 hours a day right throughout the year, so you can apply for you work at a time that suits you.
How Many Quotes Will I Receive?
You will receive no more than four quotes for your work, typically 3-4 quotes on average. Through extensive testing we have concluded that this is the optimal amount of quotes to provide a useful comparison whilst keeping the number of calls down.
Who Provides The Quotes?
The quotes you receive come from a database of over 85,000 fully qualified and vetted specialists who are all part of the Home Advisor professional network. This means you can be sure the contractors have been screened thoroughly, and rated by other users like you.
Are The Quotes Delivered Online?
We've found the only true way to get completely accurate quotes for the work you need carried out is to receive the quotes directly. This can either be in person or over the phone depending on the work requirements. This not only ensures the quotes are fully accurate (and therefore fair to both parties) but allows you to benefit from free expert advice.
Do I Have To Accept A Quote?
No. All quotes provided are completely obligation-free so there's never any need to commit to any of them. It's a risk-free method of finding out how much your job will cost.
I'm Worried About My Privacy
Don't be. We only share your contact details with a maximum of four reputable tradesmen. The rest of our 85,000+ network never get to see your details meaning you won't be hassled with sales calls.
Complete Form
Fill in our short 60 second quote form with your home improvement requirements.
Search Network
Our database of local approved specialists then view your job details and no more than four provide a quote.
Receive Quotes
Completely free, no-obligation quotes are delivered to you directly from our network.